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City of Grand Junction Community Development

250 N. 5th Street Grand Junction, CO 81501



Planning Clearance Application

Single Family Residential and Accessory Structures

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Description of Work & Intended Use

(Provide a description of scope/type of work and current/proposed use in notes below)

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Plot Plan


Along with this application, you are required to attach a plot plan showing all existing and proposed structure location(s), parking, setbacks to all property lines, ingress/egress to the property, driveway location and width, and all easements and right-of-ways which abut the property.

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City of Grand Junction - Community Development

250 N. 5th St.

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Once submited, modifications to this Planning Clearance applicaiton must be approved in writing by the City of Grand Junction Community Development Department. Upon approval of this application, the structure authorized cannot be occupied until a final inspection has been completed and a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued, if applicable, by the Building Department.

Upon submitting this application, you will be required to supply your email address and an electronic signature. A valid email address is required to verify your electronic signature.

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